E.3.1 Principle of Analyses

This procedure is to determine the Fe-55 content in the presence of Fe-59 in water or solid samples. Iron isotopes Fe-55 and Fe-59 are separated from fission and corrosion products by ion exchange and organic extraction. The organic phase is then transferred into a counting vial containing toluene base scintillator cocktail. The sample is counted with a liquid scintillation detector.

E.3.2 Separation and Purification Procedures

  1. Reagents

Fe carrier (10.0 mg/mL)

Co, Cs, Mn, Cr hold-back carrier (~10 mg/mL)

HCl—concentrated, IN, 6N, 9N

NaOH—IN and 3N


Anion resin—AG 1×10 50–100 mesh in chloride form

Bis(2-ethylhexyl) Hydrogen Phosphate


Buffer solution—pH 2.2

  1. Dissolve 14.9 gm KCl in 1000 mL H2O, label as 0.2M KCl

  2. Dilute 16.5 mL of conc. HCl to 1000 mL of H2O and label as 0.2N HCl

  3. Mix 500 mL of 0.2M KCl with 78 mL of 0.2N HCl for buffer solution

Analytical Ash-free filter pulp

Isopropyl ether

Liquid scintillation cocktail (POPOP solution)

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