removal of residual transuranic elements from the spent electrolyte salt, the zeolite column and associated equipment for extraction of fission products and their immobilization, and hot-pressing equipment for consolidation of the waste-bearing zeolites into solid monolithic form. Major milestones for the FY1995-FY1997 period are as follows:

Major Milestones, FY-1995
  1. Install and demonstrate engineering-scale zeolite column equipment (3/95)

  2. Complete demonstration of electrolyte filtration for removal of particulates (3/95)

  3. Begin demonstration of multi-stage pyrocontactor system for removal of residual transuranic elements from electrolyte salt (3/95)

  4. Establish metal waste form melting furnace operating parameters (4/95)

  5. Verify zeolite surface salt removal process (6/95)

  6. Demonstrate zeolite preparation equipment: dehydrating, hot blending (8/95)

  7. Demonstrate mineral waste form consolidation process (9/95)

Major Milestones, FY-1996
  1. Install pump/filtration system in the ANL-W Fuel Cycle Facility (4/96)

  2. Complete design of multi-stage pyrocontactor for use in the Fuel Cycle Facility (5/96)

  3. Complete modifications to the Fuel Cycle Facility casting furnace for metal waste form production (7/96)

  4. Install mineral waste form consolidation equipment in the ANL-W hot cells (7/96)

  5. Complete design of zeolite absorption column and ancillary equipment for installation in the Fuel Cycle Facility (9/96)

Major Milestones, FY-1997
  1. Conduct demonstration testing with hot multi-stage pyrocontactor (1/97)

  2. Initiate conceptual designs of waste treatment and waste form production equipment for on-site treatment of metallic spent fuels, oxide spent fuels and storage basin sludge (1/97)

  3. Conduct demonstration testing of zeolite absorption column with hot waste streams at ANL-W (9/97)

Waste Form Production and Qualification. Mineral waste form development activities will focus on the verification of the chemistry and physical performance of both pure and clay-bonded zeolite-based waste forms. A selection of the final candidate waste form, between a glass-bonded zeolite and sodalite, will be made after completion of screening tests. Testing of a zeolite column system will be carried out to verify the kinetics of fission product adsorption, leading to a cold demonstration of the waste form production process at the 1 kg batch size. A hot demonstration of the production of the mineral waste form will be conducted as soon as sufficient waste material is available from demonstration of the electrometallurgical treatment processes. An evaluation of the feasibility of including the transuranic elements in the mineral waste form will be done at the laboratory scale. Formulation of the metal waste form, which includes the cladding materials and the transuranic elements, will be developed for the range of spent fuel compositions under investigation. Scaleup from

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