Navy Technology Application Assessment—A Navy Technology Application Assessment (NTAA) is a documented summary describing the application of technology developed by ONR that is potentially useful to state and local governments or the U.S. private sector. NTAAs are released to the National Technical Information Service.

Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer—The Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC), including ONR laboratories, is supported by its component agencies and responsible to the National Institute for Standards and Technology of the Department of Commerce. The FLC identifies and facilitates technology transfer. The level of support contributed by the Navy to the FLC is determined by the CNR (presently 0.008 percent of the total Navy R&D budget).

Office of Research and Technology Application—An Office of Research and Technology Application (ORTA) has been established at each Navy laboratory for managing and coordinating DTT activities. Each organization within DOD must establish ORTA functional units of at least one employee’s full-time effort (FTE) if there are between 200 and 1,000 technical personnel and at least two FTEs if more than 1,000 technical personnel are employed. ONR headquarters manages and assesses the ORTA process at each laboratory. Funding support of ORTAs comes from internal laboratory overhead or return on invention licensing and royalties.

Cooperative Research and Development Agreement—Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRDAs) are agreements between a federal agency or agencies and nonfederal parties to perform cooperative R&D. A CRDA is a legal mechanism for federal agencies to work with private companies to exploit government technology and invention while protecting the title and licensing rights of each party. The federal agency provides personnel, services, facilities, equipment, and other resources with or without reimbursement. The nonfederal party provides similar resources but receives no government funds.

Individual Awards and Compensation for DTT Contributions—The Navy offers individual awards and compensation to federal employees who make significant contributions to Navy DTT. Eligibility for patent license royalties is an additional award mechanism. In addition to the above formal DTT mechanisms prescribed by regulations, ONR has several other means for facilitating technology transfer, including the various types of industrial agreements and programs discussed below.

Industrial Agreements Other than CRDAs—In addition to CRDAs, ONR uses other agreements with industry that promote technology transfer. These agreements include contracts and grants for which 100 percent of the funding is pro-

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