TABLE D1 Products of ONR 32 Research in Sensors and Instrumentation




multi-line arrays

lidar (light detecting and ranging) sensors

nuclear/biological/chemical monitoring

air deployments of sensors

laser line scan underwater imagery

autonomous/networked components

towed thermistor chains (plug-in)

toroidal volume search sonar

airborne hyperspectral optical scanners

vorticity meters

towed vertically directed source (TVDS)

remotely piloted vehicle packages

turbulence (oceanic and atmospheric)

slotted acoustic sources

microstate telemetry

seafloor shear modulus profiler

polymer acoustic sources


high-resolution seafloor imagery

SPINNAKER UUV (unmanned undersea vehicle)

RO/RO (roll on/roll off) aircraft data acquisition system

surf-zone turbulence and sediment devices


laser in situ settling tube

full depth towed gravimeter


ocean bottom seismometers

superconducting gradiometer


acoustic doppler current profilers (ADCP)

robust thermal anemometers


acoustic lance

coherent acoustic doppler for turbulence


beta @ 180º meter

focal plane array imaging radar (FOPAIR)


scanning ocean surface slope gauge

remote (optical) slick detection


microlayer samplers

aerosol samplers (in situ and remote)


fiber optic tow cables and connectors


polar ozone aerosol measurement system


ocean microstructure profilers


ice stress/deformation devices


suspended sediment acoustical backscatter sensor (ABSS)


Source: Office of Naval Research.

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