TABLE D4 Products of ONR 32 Research in Evolution (Process) Models and Simulation




optical radiative transfer (e,g., HYDROLIGHT)

Langmuir circulations

fully coupled nearshore wave/current/ bathymetry

hydraulic control of straits

new mixed layer models

assimilating regional models

radiation belt models

frontal dynamics

massively parallel codes

surf-zone wave prediction

aerosol nucleation

on-scene analysis/forecast

internal wave spectra

2-D and 3-D acoustic propogation/ reverberation

coastal meteorology

eddy-resolving (1.4º) basin models

Kalman assimilation and fusion methods

atmosphere-pulsed optical properties

global ocean prediction (1/8º)

radionuclide assessments

embedded training and simulation

coupled operational predictive models

ice rafting, ridging, and leads

virtual product developments

ice/ocean/air prediction

estuarine (dynamic) classification

volume visualization

tropical cyclone motion and structure

marine boundary layer large-eddy simulation codes


distributed and interactive systems

coastal water clarity simulations


simulator linking protocols

littoral remote sensing simulations


sediment shock wave propogation


nearsurface bubble distributions


simulator control architectures/protocols (for uniform idelity)


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