Advantages of Mouse Ascites Method

  • The mouse ascites method usually produces very high mAb concentrations that often do not require further concentration procedures that can denature antibody and decrease effectiveness.
  • The high concentration of the desired mAb in mouse ascites fluid avoids the effects of contaminants in in vitro batch-culture fluid when comparable quantities of mAb are used.
  • The mouse ascites method avoids the need to teach the antibody producer tissue-culture methods.

Disadvantages of Mouse Ascites Method

  • The mouse ascites method involves the continued use of mice requiring daily observation.
  • MAb produced by in vivo methods can contain various mouse proteins and other contaminants that might require purification.
  • The mouse ascites method can be expensive if immunodeficient mice in a barrier facility must be used.
  • In vivo methods can cause significant pain or distress in mice.

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