TABLE 2.1 Galileo Science Instruments and Investigators




Investigator/ Team Leader


Remote Sensing (Despun)

SSI Solid-State Imaging camera

A 150-cm focal length narrow-angle telescope (inherited from Voyager), with an image sensor, filter wheel, focal plane shutter, and electronics

Michael Belton, National Optical Astronomy Observatories

Geology of Galilean satellites; atmospheric motions and structures of small-scale clouds


NIMS Near-Infrared Mapping Spectrometer

A 22.8-cm diameter (f/3.5), 80-cm focal length, Ritchey-Chretien telescope with a spatial scanning secondary mirror and diffraction grating spectrometer

Robert Carlson, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Surface/atmospheric reflection/emission


PPR Photo-polarimeter Radiometer

A Cassegrainian Dall-Kirkham telescope with a 10-cm aperture, a 50-cm focal length, and a 2.5-milliradian instantaneous field of view

James Hansen, Goddard Institute for Space Studies

Atmospheric particles, thermal/reflected radiation


UVS/EUV (spinning) Ultraviolet Spectrometer

The UVS is a Cassegrainian Dall-Kirkham telescope with a 5.03 x 5.28-cm aperture and a 25.0-cm focal length. The telescope is the front end to a standard 12.5-cm focal length. Ebert-Fastie scanning spectrometer.

Charles Hord, University of Colorado

Atmospheric gases, aerosols, etc.







Extreme Ultraviolet Spectrometer

The EUV is an objective grating spectrometer with a mechanical collimator; it is a modified Voyager spare ultraviolet spectrometer with an electrical interface to adapt it to the Galileo command and data bus.

A. Ian F. Stewart, University of Colorado


Fields and Particles (Spinning)

MAG Magnetometer

An electronics box and two sets of ring core triaxial fluxgate sensors

Margaret Kivelson, UCLA

Strength and fluctuations of magnetic fields


EPD Energetic Particles Detector

Divided into two systems: the Low-Energy Magnetospheric Measurements System (LEMMS) and the Composition Measurements System (CMS), both contained in one package, with bi-directional, solid-state detector telescopes mounted on a platform that rotates via a stepper motor to eight positions

Donald Williams, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Electrons, protons, heavy ions


PLS Plasma Subsystem

A concentric set of four spherical-plate electrostatic analyzers and three miniature magnetic mass spectrometers

Louis Frank, University of Iowa

Composition, energy, distribution of ions

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