also provides information on regulatory issues. Energy Files sees substantial use, receiving about 70,000 hits a month. Over 70 percent of these queries come from outside the government, attesting to the depth of public interest. Machine translation turns literature in 10 foreign languages into English. We are also working on push technology. When a user enters a topic of interest, he or she is notified electronically if more information becomes available on the Web.

The Information Bridge, a key aspect of the Energy Files, is a unique Web site that includes 28,000 energy-related full-text reports totaling some 2 million pages. Users can search this collection to find reports containing information of interest and gain access to—and download—those pages. This Web site is growing: the legacy collection dates from January 1974, but the full collection will eventually encompass material from the early 1940s—a formidable information resource.

DOE has made the Information Bridge publicly available through a collaborative effort with the U.S. Government Printing Office. Use of the bridge requires no passwords or registration. The agency is now working with several publishers, including Science magazine, to provide hyperlinks to the full-texts of electronic journals devoted to energy R&D, including references listed in the articles. We are working to make the search engine as effective as possible by incorporating new scientific terms as they come into use.

The site also includes R&D summaries that enable users to find out about more than 15,000 active DOE projects and locate someone with whom to discuss the research. This site records some 800 hits daily. The overall goal is to put a comprehensive source of energy-related information at people's fingertips to support the collaborative mindset central to scientific work in the next century.

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