“selecting and integrating technologies and for assessing total costs and benefits” still require definition. The existence and effectiveness of mechanisms were not clear from the material presented by the PNGV to the committee.

The committee's recommendations “to make an analysis to divide all technologies related to Goal 3 into two categories: current PNGV and post PNGV technologies” and the need to address infrastructure issues as “an integral part of the PNGV program systems analysis” appear to have been favorably received by the program managers. They still remain, however, as significant concerns of the committee. It is the committee's considered opinion that the program would benefit significantly if the major technologies being pursued by the PNGV were critically examined in light of the two categories above and if the infrastructure issues were more directly addressed as an integrated part of the PNGV's technology tradeoff studies and decision process for technology selection in 1997.

Many of the remaining recommendations from the Phase 1 report have been addressed or explained by the PNGV so that, while not completely resolved, they no longer present major concerns to the committee. These issues include the degree of public outreach and the extent of supplier and university involvement in the program. While a start has been made to benchmark foreign technology developments, the committee considers it important for the PNGV to analyze available data fully, make more comprehensive assessments, and take action to modify the PNGV program as appropriate.

In the committee's view, the DOD, the DOT, and the NASA still need to be more supportive and integrated into the PNGV research program. The relevance of certain ongoing R&D programs funded by these agencies to the PNGV technical objectives militates in favor of this view.


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