for a more detailed program plan outlining objectives, task descriptions, management responsibilities, milestones, resources, schedule, and performance metrics. The Technical Roadmap is recognized by the committee as a constructive beginning and an important achievement in 1995. However, the committee continues to have concerns as follows:

  • The process of selecting technology concepts for evaluation, the selection of concepts for vehicle application, and the technical management to assure that vehicle performance objectives and timing are met are not clearly defined in the Technical Roadmap.

  • The technical teams (e.g. on fuel cells) appear to be effectively organized and working to specific objectives. However, problems exist with (1) overall vehicle planning and control; (2) the process for program review against specific targets and milestones in the technology development plan; and (3) the process for technology “downselect” in 1997. Further, federal budgets pertinent to PNGV are not allocated as line items, and it is difficult to make judgments about relative spending levels and appropriate resource allocations.

  • A procedure is required for defining metrics for subsystem performance and then effectively communicating these requirements to the technology teams. The committee is concerned that these matters appear to have been handled on an ad-hoc basis. Unless this issue is properly addressed, overall program goals could be severely compromised. Initiation of the systems analysis effort will undoubtedly help, particularly if placed under the direction of the recommended USCAR PNGV Technical Director. Specific actions to remedy these deficiencies are recommended by the committee as a matter of some urgency, as discussed below.


During the past year, the PNGV has solidified its technical organization structure, which is illustrated in figure 9-1. Central to the organization are the technical teams responsible for R&D on candidate subsystems; namely, the manufacturing, materials and structures, and systems analysis teams. Technical oversight and coordination are provided by the Vehicle Engineering Team. The

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