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PUBLICATIONS RESULTING FROM THE WORK OF THE COMMITTEE ON SCIENTIFIC PROBLEMS OF HUMAN MIGRATION MIGRATION AND BUSINESS CYCLES Jerome, Harry. Migration and business cycles, with a foreword by Wesley C. Mitchell. Publications of the National Bureau of Economic Research, No. ~9. New York, ~9~6. 256 p. Jerome, Harry. Migration and the mechanization of industry. (In preparation. ~ PRIMI TI HE FORMS OF HUAI~N RESPONSE Dodge, Raymond. The hypothesis of inhibition by drainage. Pro- ceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, ~ I: 689-69~ ~ ~9~) . Dodge, Raymond. The problem of inhibition. Psychological Review, 33: l-12 (~926~. Dodge, Raymond. Theories of inhibition. Part I. Psychological Re- view, 33: ~-122 (~926~. Dodge, Raymond. Theories of inhibition. Part II. Psychological Re- view, 33: ~ 67- ~ 87 ~ ~ 926 ~ . Dodge, Raymond. Excursions in experimental psychology. Scientific Monthly, 23: ~29-~37 (~926~. Dodge, Raymond. Elementary conditions of human variability; a study of the variation of successive responses to similar stimuli at dif- ferent levels of the cerebro-spinal system of a human subject. (Ernest Kempton Adams fund for physical research, No. lo.) New York, Columbia University Press, ~927. for p. Dodge, Raymond. Protopraxic and epicritic stratification of human adjustments. American Journal of Psychology, 39: ~47-~57 (~927~. Dodge, Raymond, and Bott, E. H. Antagonistic muscle action in voluntary flexion and extension. Psychological Review, 3~: 24~-27z ~927~. Dodge, Raymond, and Louttit, C. M. Modification of the pattern of the guinea pig's reflex response to noise. Journal of Comparative Psy- chology, 6: 267-285 ~ ~926~. Dodge, Raymond, and Newhall, Sidney M. Colored after-images from unperceived weak chromatic stimulation. Journal of Experimental Psy- chology, lo: ~-~7 (~927~. l

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~S Scientific Pro biems of Human Migration. Wissler RACE TRAITS IN GROWTH AND INTERMIXTURE Wissler, Clark. The distribution of stature in the United States. Scientific Monthly, ~8: ~29-~42 (~924~. Wissler, Clark. Inheritance in the epicanthic fold. Eugenical News, I: ~62-~63 ~ ~926~. WissIer, Clark. Eye color among Hawaiian crosses. Eugenical News, i9i ~ ~926~. Wissler, Clark. Race and sex differences in growth of head form. Eugenical News, ~2: 8~-83 ~ ~927) . Wissler, Clark. Observations on Hawaiian somatology. Memoirs Bernice P. Bishop Museum, 9, No. 4 (~927~. 76 p. Wissler, Clark. Age changes in anthropometric characters in child- hood and adult life. Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, 66: 43~-438 ~ ~927) Wissler, Clark. Sex differences in growth of the head. School and Society, 25: ~-4 (~927~. Wissler, Clark. Evidence of white blood among the Allege Indians of southwestern United States. Eugenical News, ~4: ~27-~28 (~9~8~. Wissler, Clark. Eye and nose characters among Western Indians. (To be published by The American Museum of Natural History.) Wissler, Clark. Growth of children in Hawaii. (To be punished by the Bernice P. Bishop Museum.) TESTS OF COMPARATIVE ABILITIES OF WHITES AND NEGROES Graham, James L. A comparison of white and negro college students in a variety of mental tests. Doctoral Dissertation. (In press.) Lanier, Lyle H. Prediction of the reliability of mental tests and tests of special abilities. Journal of Experimental Psychology, lo: 69-~ ~3 t927) e Peterson, Joseph. Problems, methods and some results in race test- ing. Hanover Conference Report. Social Science Research Council, :[927, 34-53. (Mimeographed. ~ Peterson, Joseph. Problems and results of testing negro intelligence. Report of Conference on Racial Differences, Held Under Auspices of Committee on Problems and Policies, Social Science Research Council, and Division of Anthropology and Psychology, National Research Coun- cil, ~928, 36-4~. (Mimeographed.) Peterson, Joseph. Comparison of white and negro children in the rational learning test. 27th Yearbook of the National Society for the Study of Education, Part I, 333-34~ ~ ~928) .

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Scientific Problems of Hannah Migration: Wissler ~9 Peterson, Joseph, and Lanier, Lyle H. Comparative studies of white and negro adults and children. (To be published in Mental )leasure- ment Monographs.) MECHANICAL ABILITY Anderson, L. D. Objective measurements in shop courses. Industrial Arts Magazine, ~5: 263-267 (~926~. Anderson, L. D. Environment and mechanical ability. Industrial Psychology, 3: ~79-~80 ~ ~927~. Anderson, L. D. The Minnesota mechanical ability tests. Personnel Journal, 6: 473-478 ~ ~928~. Anderson, L. D. The relationship of certain environmental factors to measures of mechanical ability. Yearbook of the National Education Association, Nature and Nurture, Part II, ~37-~50. Bloomington, Ill., Public School Pub. Co., ~928. Carter, Harold D. The organization of mechanical intelligence, Peda- gogical Seminary and Journal of Genetic Psychology, 35: 270-285 8~. Edgerton, Harold A., and Paterson, Donald G. Tables of standard errors and probable errors of percentages for varying numbers of cases. Journal of Applied Psychology, lo: 378-3gr (~926~. Hubbard, Ruth M. A measurement of mechanical interests. Peda- gogical Seminary and Journal of Genetic Psychology, 35: 224-254 8~. Paterson, Donald G. The Minnesota mechanical ability tests. Voca- tional Guidance Bulletin, Minneapolis Public Schools, 2, No. 9: ~-~ 8~. Paterson, Donald G., Elliott, R. M., Anderson, L. D., Toops, H. A., and Heidreder, Edna. Minnesota mechanical ability tests. (To be pub- lished by the University of Minnesota Press.) About 500 p. Rogers, H. W. Research on mechanical ability. Vocational Guidance Magazine, ~ I: ~78-~80 ~ ~924~. IN VESTI GO TI ON OF HANDEDNESS Bowman, H. The effect of practice on different dextrality types. American Journal of Psychology, 40: ~7-~20 (~928~. Downey, J. E. How the psychologist reacts to the distinction " extro- vert-intro~rert," with observations concerning lateralization of function. Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology, 20:407-4~5 (~926~. Downey, l. E. Further observations on the manner of clasping the hands. American Naturalist, 60: 387-39~ (~926~.

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20 Scientific Problems of Human Migration: Wissier Downey, J. E. Distinguishing right from left. Pedagogical Seminary and Journal of Genetic Psychology, 33: ~53-~66 (~926~. Downey, J. E. Types of dextrality among North American Indians. Journal of Experimental Psychology, lo: 478-488 (~927~. Downey, J. E. Types of dextrality and their implications. American Journal of Psychology, 38: 3~7-367 (~927~. Downey, J. E. Dextrality types and the pre-school child. 27th Year- book of the National Society for the Study of Education, Part II, ~53- i58 (~928~. Downey, J. E. Observations on the validation of the group will- temperament test. Journal of Educational Psychology, ~8: 5g2-600 i927,. Downey, J. E., and I-Thrbrock, R. S. Reliability of the group will- temperament tests. journal of Educational Psychology, ~8: 26-39 (~927,. Uhrbrock, R. S., and Downey, i. E. A non-verbal will-temperament test. Journal of Applied Psychology, ~ I: 95-~o5 ~ ~927) . ANALYSIS AND MEASUREMENT OF HUMAN PERSONALITY Cleeton, Glen U. Originality: A summary of experimental literature. Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology, 2~: 304-3~5 (~926~. Cook? Helen E., and Manson, Grace E. Abilities necessary in effec- tive retail selling and a method of evaluating them. Journal of Personnel Research, 5:74-82 (~926~. Manson, Grace E. Group differences in intelligence tests. Journal of Applied Psychology, 9: ~ 56-~5 ~ ~925). Manso~n, Grace E. Personality differences in intelligence test per- formance. Journal of Applied Psychology, 9: 230-255 ~925~. Manson, Grace E. A bibliography of the analysis and measurement of human personality up to ~926. Reprint and Circular Series, National Research Council, No. 72. ~926. 59 p. Yoakum, C. S., and Manson, Grace E. Self ratings as a means of determining trait relationships and relative desirability of traits. Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology, 2~: 52-64 (~926~. ISOA GGL UTINA TI HE BLO OD GRO UPINGS AS A RA CE CHARS CTER Grove, Ella P. On the value of the blood group features as a means of determining racial relationships. Journal of Immunology, I2: 251 ( 1926). Nigg, Clara. A study of the blood groups among the American In- dians. Journal of Immunology, ~:3~9 (~926~. Rietz, Torsten. The blood groups among the Lapps in Sweden. Journal of Immunology, ~3: 37 ~ ~927) .

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Scientific Pro bleats of Human Migration: Wissler 21 A UTOMA TI C CORRELA TI ON MACHINE Hull, Clark L. An automatic correlating machine. American Statistical Association, no: 522-53~ (~925~. Hull, Clark L. An automatic machine for making multiple aptitude forecasts. Journal of Educational Psychology, ~6: 593-598 (~925~. journal of the INTERNATIONALIZING MENTAL MEASUREMENT Blackwood, Beatrice. A study of mental testing in relation to anthro- pology. Mental Measurement Monographs, No. 4. Baltimore, Wil- liams and Wilkins, ~927. ~ ~ 7 p. Dodd, Stuart C. International group mental tests. Princeton, Prince- ton Univ. Store, ~926. ~9 p. Squires, Paul C. Universal scale of individual performance tests. Princeton, Princeton Univ. Press, ~926. ~58 p. Part II, consisting of a statistical analysis of ratios of application of scale, will be available in ~929. INVESTIGATION IN RACE PATHOLOGY Pearl, Raymond. Alcohol and life duration. International Clinics (38) 3:28-52~928~. Pearl, Raymond. Cancer from the viewpoint of the human biologist. International Clinics (38) 3: 53-77 (~928~. Pearl, Raymond. On the pathological relations between cancer and tuberculosis. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine, 26:73-ss (~g28~. Pearl, Raymond. Cancer and tuberculosis. American Journal of Hygiene. ~ In press. ~ Pearl, Raymond, and Bacon, Agnes Latimer. Biometrical studies in pathology. IV. Statistical characteristics of a population composed of necropsied persons. Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, :32g-347 (~926~. Pearl, Raymond, and Bacon, Agnes Latimer. Biometrical studies in pathology. V. The racial and age incidence of cancer and other malig- nant tumors. Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, 3: g63 992 (~927~. Pearl, Raymond, and Bacon, Agnes Latimer. Biometrical studies in pathology. VI. The primary site of cancers and other malignant tumors. Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, 6: 67-89 ~928). Pearl, Raymond, and Bacon, Agnes Latimer. New data on alcohol and duration of life. Nature, 12~: ~5-~6 ~ ~9~8~.