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RAJPUT OF ~ OO,~I~TT~3 ON SED1~ATION 1939-1940 Meeti ngs The Committee on Sed~me:~ation held one r'~eet,ng airing the year, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on December 28, 1939, ~ connection with the sessions of the Geological Society of America. The main topic of dis- cussion at this meeting was the work of the sub-co=mittees on Diager~esis and on the Compilation of Statistical Data on Sediments. Dr. Ralph :~. Grim of the State Geological Survey of Illinois was appointed chairman of the Sub-co~n~q~tee on Diagenesis Ad he divas asked to recommend personnel for the committee acid to make a prelir~i~ry survey of the problem, which he agreed to do during the current year. Ate the meeting of the Committee the previous year in New York the subject of d~agenesi~; had been considered as one of the most important questions confronting students of sedimentation, am the Committee is particularly fortunate in having :~. G=m accept the chairmanship of the sub-committee, because of his familiarity with clay Annuals, which are intimately associated With diagenesis. The tollowi:ng is Dr. Gr~m's report on the activities of the Sub- o~ittee on Diagenesis up to :~pri~ 1, 1940: "lye primary objectives of this sub-co~'ttee are to assemble and to organize the data available In the literature regarding Mutagenesis, Ad to point out promising prolix for investigation that .11 add to our knowledge of the sub ject. : Sin order to attain these objectives, it seemed hnoSt desirable to organize a committee in which each member agreed to undertake to assemble the available data for a given :field, o.g., recent marine sedi- me:rlts, recent non-r~ar~ne sediments, etc. It ~ s plan cod that the individual Is refill be printed separately in the report of the cor~r~ittee as they are completed. ~ Finally the sub-co~ittee chair ~11 undertake to organize the data so that any general principles or general problems will be brought out* "At the present title the sub-co~ittee is being organized and its work is getting started. ~lthou~gk the r~orI: before the sub-cor.=ittee hi 11 require considerable tine, it is hoped that progress can be made and reports issued Within a reasonable theme, perhaps one year." Dr. fir. C. Kru-=bein, of the University of Chicago, Teas appointed Chapman of the sut-comnittee on the Co:apilatic~n of Statistical Data on

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-- 2 - Sediraents. He was also asked to recommend personnel for the so cox=.uttee and Mae a preliminary survey of the problem. Subsequently, Messrs. W. I:. Cogen , Shell Oil Company , HO1ASIO]:1, Texas, G. H. Otto, U. S. Soil Conser~ra- t~on Service, Pasadena, Cal~tox~ia; and A. C. Tester, University of Iowa, Ida City, Iowa, were appointed members of this sub-co~ittee. The first report of the sub~co~'ttee, prepared by Dr. ~,mbein, is presented as Exhibit ~ in the appendix of this report. The obj ect of thi s sub-co~nm, tte,e is to assemble statist) Cal data on mechanical anal yses and other properties of recent sediments in order to ascertain whether or not-di:~ferent typos of sediments might be Pound to have distinctive characte:~stics which should facilitate the interpretation of the origin..of conso:Lidated sediments, which the geologist encounters In field work. No such statistical study has yet been attempted and with the vast await of quantitative data on the different properties of sedi- ments tat has been obtained within the past f~ years, it Is possible that meant; of identification of some kinds of sediments might be found. At any rate, such ~ study should indicate the limits between which the different properties of individual types of sediments Oo vary, and the ~nformatn on obtained should fuel? the determination of the mode of? origin of sedimentary ro eke . The Committee at the meeting in L~;i~eapo~is, in addition to d~s- mssing the work of these two sub-corn~n; ttees 1luanimously passed the following resolution thanking the American Association of Petroleura Geologists for publishing the Symposium on.Recent Urine Sediments, which was prepared under the auspices of the Committee during the past four years: Whereas the American Association of Petroleum Geologists has published the Symposium on Recent Brine Sediments, which was compiled under the auspices of the Committee on Sedimentation, Whereas the book leas been made available to the public at such a moderate price, thus increasing;, its usefulness, and Whereas the composition and made-up of the book are so excellent, Be it resolved that the meters of the Committee on Sedimen- tation empress their appreciation and gratitude to the kner~car1 Association of Petroleum Geologists for publishing the Symposium on Recent I.ldrine Sediments, aM thank the Executive Committee of the Association for mthorizir~ the publication of the book; the special committee, composed of Drs. K. C. Eeaid and W. H. IV~enhofel, appointed to appraise the value of the m~u- script, for their favorable recommendation; Professor W. A. Ver Wiebe, Editor of the Association, for his interest and guidance in the publical~on of the book; and especially, 3~. J. P. D. ~11, Business Meager of the Association, for his

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hearty cooperation arid untiring efforts in seeing the publica- t~on through to cc~p~etio:a, And be it further resolved that copies of this }resolution be sent to the Executive C=r~ittee of the Axaer~can Association of Petroleum Geologists, and to Mnssrs..~. C. Heald, J. P. D. Eu11, W. B. Twanhofe1, and W. A. Ver Probe. This symposium consists of 34 pep are by 31 authors on ditfore~o aspects at the field of rocout merino sodas. Tho Role as pub1ishGd consists of 736 pago;s including 136 ~1 lustrations. ma book is sold by the American Association of Potrol~m Geologists for 05.00 to ttO$ public and $4.00 to mo~ribors of tho Association. Publication was completed in Septombor 1959 and by Julie 1, 1940, more than 1100 copies out of ~ total edition of 1500 had boon distributed. Porsonnel of Committee __ ___ _ _- me personnel Or the Co~`ittoo during the current year remains uncha~od except for the death of Protossor W. A. T'=r, of the Univorsity of Missouri, and the xcappo~ntmont of Professor A. C. Toster, of tho State Uni~rers~ty of Iowa, who has rounded to t~i5 couth actor an absonco of two you. Tho Cotton records with drop rogrot the loss of Professor 17. A. Ta=,whc' died on July 28, 1939. Professor Tarr Is been ~ ~ncmbor of the Con=~ttoo since 1923, alla YI~S one Of us most; valued workors. Be was particularly intei'ostod in sedimentary problems concocted With origin of chert' concrotions, and cono-in-cono structures. us most xacor~t contribution to the work of the Co=~ttoo was h~s papa on "Torn~inology of the Chemical Siliceous Scdiments~, the fifth in this series Gt reports, which ovals included in the 1937-58 Sedimentation Committee report. Further details :~egar cling Professor Tarr may be fauna in the Memorial tribute presented in his honor by Professor Tw~hofel at the Annual Meetly of the Division held on April 27, `~a included in the minutes of that meeting. Roports of Progress The Committee on SedinlerLtation, as in the past, has sponsored the preparation of summary reports of progress in different fields of interest to students of sedimentation. Four such reports are presented as exhibits in the Appendix to the current report of the Committee, namely: Exhibit B - Mineralogy of sedimentary rocks, lg37-3 939, by . J. Pettijohn.

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4 It C - Prowess in hydraulics as related to sedi-.~er~tation, 1959-1940, by [orenz G. Straub. Exhibit 1) - Bibliography on pediments and related sed~:n~ts by Charles B. But. :Exhit~t ~ - Sedimentation studios by the So' 1 Conservation Sertice, 1939-1940, by Carl B. Brown. t In addition, two articles of intorost to studont.s of sod'~nentat~on arc included. One, Exhibit :F, is on "cures for determining probable odors in heavy mineral studies", by Gordon Rittenhouso of tho U. S. Soil (conservation Service, This pep or is of value because the reliable determination of probable error is of fundamontal importance 'n quantita- tive studies of sediments. The other article, Tibia G. is on "The ~portanco of heavy r:a'noral analysis for regional sedimontary petrology", by I). J. Dooglas of the Bataatscho Potroloum lL~atsch~ppi j ~ Tho Rogue, Netherlands. In :~econt yours PrO[QSS~ C. H. Edo`~= rind his co-~rkors in the Notherl&nds have paid attont~on to the intcrprat=tion of rogiona1 heavy mineral studios, and it seems of interest to ~mer~.can students of sedimentation to have an account of these studies presented in the reports of the Committee on Sedimentation. Accordingly, Do. Doeglas was asked to write a start article on this world for the present report, which he kindly consantod to do. Financial Statement _- _ The income of the Committee on Sedimontation from April l' 1959 to March al, 1940 seas t184.20 ~d the. expenses were $290.82. The balance on hand on Monarch 31, 1940 divas $728~92. The excess of expenses over income ~. . _ . . . .. was 9;106.62, but most of the expenses of the Committee during the year were in connection with the preparation of the Symposiums upon recent sediments, and according to tab understanding with too Moroccan Association of Petroleum Goolo~sts2 which published the symposium, the c~rPittoo is to be rci~bursod for its oxpo~os in proparing the s~pos~um, as soon as su:~iciont profit trom the salo of the book has resulted. As the sale of the volume has been large, it is anticipated that during the coming year it will be possible for the ~sociatio:n to reimburse the Committee tor these expenses wit ch amount to $548.~31. The following is an itemized accent of the income am expenses of the Committee from April, 1939 to Torch ~i, 1940: ROCBiPtS and Expenditures ~ next ~age)

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Receipts Royalties on Treatise on Sedimentation ($70~40 card $91~20) .....~*~...~..~..~. Sale of Color Cheats - 29 (75 single cop~es).~. Miscellaneous checks or money orders to cover po stage for anti ling reports ~ 3 ~ . . ~ . ~ . . . e Expe~ Research grants for pro jects presented and approved by the Committee during the year . ~ e ~ ~ e ~ * ~ ~ ~ ~ e. ~ ee e ~ ~ ~ (2) Expenses connected with the publica- tion and distribution of the Symposium on Recent 24~ri:ae Sediments . . . Cost of preparation of Index for the Sy~nposi urn ~ O ~ ~ O ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ O ~ e ~ Cost of 31 copies of S',~;apos~'m for di stribut~on to the 3' authors, with the compliments of the Corm.. ttee-, ;~ $4~00 par copy ............ Possum (3) Incidenta1 o=~nsos concocted with ssuc.~ec of reports spor~sorod by the Co~am~ttco Cost of typist; to cut stanch s for 1938-39 Committoo ro?ort Ass filing, stapling,, binding 800 copies of tho 1938-59 report Committee 3~nbers _ Carl 3. Brow Carl W. Correns Palph E. Grim A. C. Krumbein Paul I). Y::ryn~ne X. B. 7tilner f. J. Petty John Pt. Dana Russell lienryC. Stetson lorenz G. Straub 161.~O 21 .00 $1~34. 20 $ 92.87 124.00 7.70 40~00 26.25 *W. A. Tarr A. C. I~owbrid:,^e W. H. Twenhotel T. Maryland Vaughan C. K. Wentworth *- Deceased. . 4~224.57 66.25 3290.82 Park:or 13. Trask, Chairman Apx~1 27, 1940