Type of Jobs, Descriptors, and Applications for Some Illustrative Descriptive Analytic Systems


    Types of Jobs

    Types of Descriptors

    Applications (lists are illustrative, not exhaustive)

    Position Analysis Questionnaire (PAQ)


    Information input; mental processes; work output; relationships with others; job context; job demands

    Selection of employees; job evaluation, grouping and design; performance appraisal; position classification; job matching

    Fleishman Job Analysis Survey (F-JAS)


    Abilities—cognitive, physical, psychomotor, sensory/perceptual and social-interactive; job skills and knowledge

    Job descriptions; selection of employees; classification (people into jobs); performance appraisal

    General Work Inventory (GWI)


    Activities—sensory, information-based, physical, interpersonal; general mental and physical requirements; work conditions; job benefits

    Job description and grouping; selection and placement of employees

    Common Metric Questionnaire (CMQ)


    Background; contacts with people decision-making; physical and mechanical activities; work setting

    Job description and evaluation; performance appraisal; position classification

    Multipurpose Occupational Analysis Systems Inventory-Closed Ended (MOSAIC)

    All federal jobs

    Tasks; competencies; personal and organizational styles

    Position description; position classification; selection of employees

    Work Profiling System (WPS)

    Managerial or professional; service or administrative; manual or technical

    Job tasks; job context

    Selection and placement of employees; performance appraisal; job design, description, and classification

    NOTE: This table is adapted with permission from Peterson and Jeanneret, 1997:36–44.

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