mary interest when one is concerned with specifying training needs, whereas selection and placement decisions are more likely to be made on the basis of abilities and educational credentials. Multiple windows allow the system to address multiple applications. Third, within a given domain of descriptors, variables can be organized hierarchically. Hierarchical arrangement of descriptors allows users to access multiple levels of specificity and provides a way to organize job-specific descriptors, such as tasks, within a more general cross-job structure. The content model covers six domains:

  • worker characteristics,
  • worker requirements,
  • experience requirements,
  • occupational requirements,
  • occupation-specific requirements, and
  • occupational characteristics.

Broadly speaking, the content model assumes that jobs can be described according to either the demands placed on the people doing the work (worker-oriented descriptors) or the work being done (occupational descriptors). The first three domains relate to worker-oriented requirements. Workers bring to the job certain characteristics, such as abilities and interests, and, as a function of their experiences, develop certain capacities that help them do the job. Worker requirements also include the skills and knowledge people must acquire to do the work. The last three domains relate to the work people do—occupational requirements. These are described by generalized work activities, for example operating heavy equipment, and by job-specific tasks, such as the steps involved in operating a specific type of forklift. These work activities, however, are influenced by requirements imposed by the job environment or work context, as well as requirements imposed by the organizational structure or context. As such, these contextual variables are also subsumed in the occupational requirements domains. Finally, all of these variables, in turn, interact with the global features of the organization and its operating environment; such occupation characteristics make up the final

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