Figure 5.2

Descriptive domains of O*NET™ content model.

domain. The six domains contained in O*NET™'s content model are depicted in Figure 5.2 and summarized below.

Worker Characteristics Worker characteristics reflect relatively enduring features of the individual that might influence job performance. They include: (1) abilities, (2) values and interests, and (3) work styles. The ability constructs are predominantly drawn from Fleishman's ability requirements taxonomy and include basic cognitive, psychomotor, physical, and perceptual abilities, virtually all of which are known to have direct relevance to many jobs. Interests are described under the rubric of Holland's six-factor taxonomy, a typology that is extensively used in the career counseling literature and in conjunction with the current Dictionary of Occupational Titles. The six orientations include realistic, investigative, social, artistic, enterprising, and conventional (Holland, 1985). Occupational values are described using the 21 descriptors of the Occupational Values Questionnaire, which is based on the Minnesota Job Description Questionnaire (MJDQ)

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