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immune response and of reacting with the products (a specific antibody, specific T lymphocyte, or both) of that response.

Apoptosis Programmed cell death.

Arthralgia Pain in a joint.

Arthritis Inflammation of a joint.

Atomic weight Mass in grams of 1 mole (6.02 x 1023 atoms) of an atomic species.

Atrophy Wasting of tissues, organs, or the whole body.

Augmentation In this report, placement of an implant for the purpose of enlarging or changing the appearance of the breast.

Autoantibody Antibody directed against a self-antigen.

Autogenous tissue Originating within the body.

Autologous Describing a graft in which the donor and recipient is the same individual.

Axilla, axillary Armpit, of the armpit.


B lymphocyte Cell representing 1530% of circulating lymphocytes, responsible for antibody.

Bias Deviation of results or inferences from the truth, or processes leading to such deviation.

Bleed (of implant) Diffusion of silicone fluid into and through the silicone shell of a silicone gel-filled implant.

Breast augmentation classification

Class I Augmented breast feels as soft as an unoperated one.

Class II Breast is less soft and implant can be palpated, but is not visible.

Class III Breast is more firm, implant can be palpated easily, and it (or distortion from it) can be seen.

Class IV Breast is firm, hard, tender, painful, and cold; distortion is often marked.

Bursa Closed sac lined with synovium and filled with fluid found or formed in areas subject to friction (e.g., where a tendon passes over bone).


Capsule Membranous structure, usually dense collagenous connective tissue enveloping another organ, joint, or part; in this report, the capsule found around an implant.

Capsulectomy Surgical removal of a capsule.

Carcinogenesis, carcinogenicity Production of cancer; ability to cause cancer.

Carcinoma Any type of malignant tumor arising from epithelial cells such as lung, intestine, or skin.

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