But other women have experienced upsetting complications that require surgery or even removal of the implant, such as:

  • implant rupture, which can cause the silicone gel to leak out into neighboring tissue and even into other parts of the body;

  • capsular contracture, an often painful distortion and shrinkage of fibrous tissue surrounding the implant;

  • saline-filled implants that deflate, spilling the harmless solution into the body; or

  • pain, from many causes, including postoperative muscular spasms and severe capsular contracture.

Some women have claimed even more potentially serious problems, alleging that the silicone in implants, particularly the silicone gel inside the implant sac, can cause connective tissue or other autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, neurological disorders, cancer, and even new silicone-related diseases. As a result of this belief, many lawsuits were filed against implant manufacturers by women claiming they were harmed by silicone breast implants.

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