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FIGURE 7-5 Percent sclerotic glomeruli in kidneys from 122 autopsied patients without known renal disease. Source: Reprinted by permission from Kaplan et al. (1975).

FIGURE 7-6 Dependence of creatinine clearance, in ml/min/1.73 M2 on protein intake in healthy subjects aged 22-50 years (left) and 55-88 years (right). The slopes are not different, but the intercepts (43 refrain end 31 ml/min, respectively) differ significantly. SOURCE: S.Q. Lew end J.P. Bosch, 1991, Effect of diet on creatinine clearance end excretion in young end elderly healthy subjects end in patients with renal disease, J. Am. Soc. Nephrol., 2:856-865.

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