are considered natural science fields in the United States. Still, combined engineering and computer science degrees were slightly higher in Japan than the United States in 1994, meaning that Japan is awarding about twice as many degrees per capita in these fields.

TABLE 4-1 Undergraduate Enrollment


Japan (1996)

United States (1995–1996)

Total undergraduate enrollment

2,263,512 (100%)

7,791,000 (100%)

Engineering and computer science

516,244 (23%)

696,000 (9%)


SOURCES: Japan Ministry of Education, Science, and Culture, and National Center for Education Statistics, Digest of Education Statistics 1997, 1998.

Figure 4-1 Bachelor's degrees in natural sciences and engineering and computer sciences, 1975–1994. NOTE: Natural sciences include physical, biological, earth, atmospheric, and oceanographic sciences.

SOURCE: National Science Foundation, The Science and Technology Resources of Japan: A Comparison with the United States, 1997.

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