• Congressional requests (e.g., Los Angeles subsidence, South Carolina and Georgia erosion, coastal hazard risk assessment);

  • Direct inputs from other federal agencies (e.g., NOAA, NSF, FEMA, EPA, ONR, and NOPP);

  • Interactions with other USGS divisions, such as ground water, marine habitats, and coral reefs;

  • Program Advisory Council (PAC) recommendations;

  • Interactions with other GD programs (e.g., Ecosystem, Climate, Energy, Earthquake, and Minerals);

  • Mid-year project briefings and discussions;

  • USGS research staff comments and recommendations;

  • Knowledge of staff interests, capability, and availability; and

  • Knowledge of the future directions and priorities of marine science (FUMAGES).

The PAC serves as a science review panel made up of CMGP research staff as well as scientists from other inside and outside the USGS. The purpose of the PAC is to provide broad scientific review, recommendations, and advice to the Program office. Their primary task is to review the scientific quality and program relevance of continuing workplans and new proposals submitted each year to the Program office for funding.


For the FY98 review, the PAC had 16 members providing scientific and geographic coverage and they were tasked with evaluation of scientific value, program relevance, and productivity of the projects funded by CMGP:

  • 5 research scientists from the Western Team, Menlo Park;

  • 3 research scientists from the Eastern Team, Woods Hole;

  • 2 research scientists from the Eastern Team, St. Petersburg; and

  • 6 managers (2 Western Team, 2 Eastern Team, and 2 CMGP).

    For the FY99 review, the PAC had 16 members with the same basic task:

  • 4 research scientists (Western Team, Menlo Park);

  • 3 research scientists (Eastern Team, Woods Hole);

  • 2 research scientists (Eastern Team, St. Petersburg); and

  • 1 research scientist (Western Energy Program Team).

The 6 Managers (2 Western Team, 2 Eastern Team, and 2 CMGP) made staffing and funding evaluations.

For FY 2000, the PAC consists of 17 members with the task of providing science review of the proposals and workplans and recommendations to the Program office:

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