any specific individual. Although staff members may be doing their best to accomplish the goals of the CMGP, lack of a central leadership figure will hamper their efforts. The committee recommends that the USGS, specifically the Geologic Division, implement organizational changes to consolidate and concentrate leadership of CMGP so that it can more vigorously pursue its mission.

Limitations of the Present Organizational Structure

To focus its efforts, CMGP will have to establish project priorities and change its project mix. The committee questions whether the current organizational structure (Appendix F) will be able to identify and execute the change of focus, as the responsibility and authority for CMGP's performance are vested in a large number of positions. At present, the CMGP coordinator has responsibility for allocating funding but does not have responsibility or authority for staffing and personnel allocations. As a result, effective leadership is difficult to establish and maintain. For example, if a scientific capability needed to address the objectives of the CMGP were identified, there would be no clear and direct way for the CMGP leader to obtain it; instead that person would have to negotiate with science center management.

A more effective model would be the establishment of a direct line of authority for funding and staffing from a program director through team leaders to individual investigators. With a strong director, such a model would provide the necessary leadership and make the CMGP more coherent and relevant to the goals and objectives established in the strategic plan.

Suggested Improvements

The Geologic Division recently instituted a different approach to try to remove budget impediments to accomplishing science. It removed personnel responsibility from CMGP so that the CMGP was not handicapped by having to support scientists who were not contributing to its overall scientific goals. This is an improvement, but the suggestions below on how to organize are very different from the current model.

Advisory Council

Crucial to successful use of the CMGP's limited resources will be timely input and guidance from the CMGP's clients and collaborators. There is no formal mechanism to ensure this input, but the committee understands that the Geologic Division is exploring the possibility of enlarging the size of the CMGP Council (currently comprised exclusively of USGS staff [see Appendix F]) to allow participation of three or four external members (e.g., representatives of

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