BOX ES-1 Examples of Issues with Significant STH Content and Foreign Policy Relevance in Selected Countries and Regions


  • Exports of missile and nuclear technologies

  • Brain drain of former weaponeers and computer scientists

  • Emergence of small innovative private firms

  • Infectious diseases: AIDS, hepatitis, tuberculosis

  • Participation in International Space Station

  • Protection of nuclear materials and safety of nuclear reactors

  • Y2K computer retrofits: military, aviation, and financial systems


  • Energy mix and energy systems: coal, nuclear, hydropower; small stand-alone electrical grids

  • Exports of military and dual-use technologies

  • Population growth

  • Development of space program

  • Brain drain of students studying in United States

  • Respect for intellectual property rights

  • Adequate and safe food supply


  • Oil exploration and exploitation

  • Detection of drug trafficking

  • Diseases: AIDS, river blindness, malaria

  • Water and sewage treatment

  • Population growth

  • Nutrition deficiencies

  • Brain drain of well-educated specialists


  • Breeding of wheat and corn varieties

  • Sharing with United States of water resources

  • Cultivation and trafficking of cocaine, marijuana, and synthetic drugs

  • Compliance with pollution reduction requirements of the North American Free Trade Agreement

  • Food safety and contamination of food exports

mentation of a foreign policy that will contribute to the creation of a more secure, prosperous, and democratic world for the benefit of the American people.

Precisely because STH developments are such a pervasive force, they cannot be isolated from the fundamental workings of foreign policy. The Department needs the capability to understand how technological factors

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