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Genomic Data Panel

Moderator: Philip Loftus, Vice President and Director, Glaxo Wellcome R&D

  • Government-sector data activity: James Ostell, Chief, Information Engineering Branch, National Center for Biotechnology Information, National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health

  • Not-for-profit-sector data activity: Chris Overton, Director, Center for Bioinformatics, University of Pennsylvania

  • Commercial-sector data activity: Myra Williams, President and CEO, Molecular Applications Group




Chemical and Chemical Engineering Data Panel

Moderator: Roberta Saxon, Patent Agent, Skjerven, Morrill, MacPherson, Franklin & Friel

  • Government-sector data activity: Richard Kayser, Chief, Physical and Chemical Properties Division, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Department of Commerce

  • Not-for-profit-sector data activity: James Lohr, Director, Information Industry Relations, Chemical Abstracts Service, American Chemical Society

  • Commercial-sector data activity: Leslie Singer, President, ISI, Inc.


Meteorological Data Panel

Moderator: Robert Serafin, Director, National Center for Atmospheric Research

  • Government-sector data activity: Ken Hadeen, Director (retired), National Climatic Data Center, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce

  • Not-for-profit-sector data activity: David Fulker, Director, Unidata Program, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

  • Commercial-sector data activity: Robert Brammer, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, TASC

12:15 pm

LUNCH (available in the Department of Commerce cafeteria)


C. Economic factors in production/dissemination/use of S&T databases in the public and private sectors

Moderator: Suzanne Scotchmer, Professor, UC Berkeley

Speaker: Richard Gilbert, Professor, UC Berkeley


D. Overview of technologies for protecting and for misappropriating digital IPR: the current situation and future prospects

Moderator: Mark Stefik, Principal Scientist, Xerox PARC

Speaker: Teresa Lunt, Principal Scientist, Xerox PARC (by video)



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