Product consistency test/density results indicate that the normalized release rate is ~1E−4 g/m2 day for Pu. A full elemental analysis is still pending. The release rates will be monitored with time using “aged” material to probe for enhanced release of material. Typical increases in the release rates vary from 10 to 100 times those for other CWFs. The density is 2.42 g/cm 3. This will be monitored with time to probe for macroscopic swelling.

An accelerated alpha damage study is under way with sample production initiated in October 1998. The majority of the test matrix has been accomplished for the early time period samples.

JANUARY 29, 1999
Closed Session

Attendance: G. Choppin (chair), M. Apted, P. Baisden, E. Flanigen, C. Hussey, F. Mansfeld, L. E. McNeese, R. Osteryoung, P. Shewmon, R. White, C. Murphy.

The entire meeting was conducted in closed session. Following a preliminary discussion of committee balance and composition, a detailed review of the previous day's presentations took place. The committee then discussed writing assignments and generated findings and conclusions for this report. Reviewers' comments for the committee's report 8 were also discussed.1


National Research Council, Electrometallurgical Techniques for DOE Spent Fuel Treatnent: Status Report on Argonne National Laboratory's R&D Activity as of Fall 1998, National Academy Press, Washington, D.C., 1999.

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