• Paper for note-taking and pens/pencil, plus newsprint or transparencies and markers for recorders/reporters (For Activity 2A.5 you will need markers in seven different colors.)

Order in Advance
  • Copies of the Global Perspectives for Local Action: Using TIMSS to Improve U.S. Mathematics and Science Education report for each participant (The report is available from the National Academy Press, 2101 Constitution Ave., NW, Lockbox 285, Washington, D.C. 20055; Phone: (800) 624–6242 [toll free] or (202) 334–3313 [in the Washington Metropolitan area].)

Make in Advance
  • Overhead transparencies from masters for Module 2A in this guide (Note that the masters are labeled Slides 2A–1 through 2A–35.) (Also needed are transparencies from the masters of Slides 1–11 through 1–18 from Module 1.)7

  • Seven stations around the room with one newsprint sheet at each labeled as follows: 1) teachers, 2) administrators, 3) higher education faculty, 4) textbook and curriculum publishers, 5) state and local policy makers, 6) designers of student assessments, and 7) parents (Provide two differently colored markers at each station.)

  • For each table of four, four different packets with five pieces of TIMSS data in each packet (using Slides 2A–8 through 2A–11; 2A–13 through 2A–20; and Slides 1–11 through 1–18 from Module 1) (In each packet, use one slide from slides labeled 2A–8 through 2A–11 plus two slides from 2A–13 through 2A–20 plus two slides from 1–11 through 1–18.)

  • Copies of handouts for this module (see pgs. 227–238) (one set per participant) (Also copy the Module 1 handout on TIMSS Populations 1, 2, and 3 from pg. 144 if needed.)


2A.1 Overview of Goals and Agenda
(5 minutes)
  • Welcome participants and provide them with copies of the handouts for this module. Then use Slides 2A–1 and 2A–2 to review the session’s goals and agenda. (If people do not know one another have them introduce themselves at their individual tables.)


The source of data cited on masters is noted on the bottom of each master by title. For complete citations, see the “Resources” section of this guide.

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