• Paper for note-taking and pens/pencils, plus newsprint or transparencies and markers for recorders/reporters

  • Post signs that you have made (see “Make in Advance”) around the room.

Order in Advance
  • Videotape entitled “The Secret of Trapezes” (subtitled “Science Research Lessons on Pendulums”) (This video is available from Catherine Lewis, Mills College, 5000 McArthur Blvd., Oakland, CA 94613; Phone: (510) 430–3129; FAX: (510) 430–3233; e-mail: c_lewis@post.harvard.edu.)

  • Copies of the Global Perspectives for Local Action report for each participant (This report is available from the National Academy Press, 2101 Constitution Ave., NW, Lockbox 285, Washington, D.C. 20055; Phone: (800) 642–6242 [toll free] or (202) 334–3131 [in the Washington Metropolitan area].)

Make in Advance
  • Overhead transparencies made from masters for Module 2C in this guide (Note that the presentation slides or masters are labeled Slides 2C-1 through 2C–26.)10

  • Copy of handouts for this module (see pgs. 381–389) (one set for each participant)

  • Five large signs labeled “Create Awareness,” “Build Knowledge,” “Translate into Practice,” “Practice Teaching,” and “Reflect on Practice” (Use Slides 2C–13 through 2C–17.)


2C.1 Overview of Goals and Agenda
(5 minutes)
  • Welcome participants and provide them with copies of all of the handouts for this module. Then use Slides 2C–1, 2C–2, and 2C–3 to review the session’s purposes and agenda. (Have people introduce themselves at their tables and share an expectation they have for the meeting. Ask for a report of a few of the expectations.)


The source of data cited on masters is noted on the bottom of each master by title. For complete citations, see the “Resources” section of this guide.

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