Matthew Tirrell: At CIE, we have been careful in setting the prices we charge for what we offer and have always done this in consultation with our industrial advisory board. Also, our member companies report great benefit that has accrued by their taking the results of our nonproprietary research and applying them in the context of their own products and processes. We have solicited "nuggets" from companies regarding the benefits from their participation in the center. In one case, the company reported savings of over $25 million thanks to the application of a technique learned by one of its Industrial Fellows during a campus residency. In another case, a new product resulted from the application of fundamentals garnered at the center. In all, we have recorded over 365 of these "nuggets."

Thomas Manuel: The problem is that the economics that I described are localized free market parochial microeconomics. In a macroeconomics sense, and in the enterprise, the nation has a different set of values. The timeframes are so long that individual companies find it hard to deal with them.

Matthew Tirrell: Indeed, this is an issue that we often confront. Some companies have simply chosen not to participate based on timeframe concerns. Some companies have chosen to withdraw based on the shortening of their time horizons. Simply stated, companies and their timeframes change quite often, with some companies coming and going.

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