Hank Whalen, PQ Corporation: Are CRADAs increasing or decreasing with Dow?

Henry Kohlbrand: Right now we may have one or two more CRADAs this year than we had a couple years ago. I don't know if that is a substantial increase. Again, CRADAs are a good way to interact with a laboratory as long as you work together on how the outcome of the research is going to be done. We are seeing more involvement in the Advanced Technology Program (ATP). We are more interested in the company and ATP-type programs than we have been in the past because we can get closer to products with ATP projects than we can with CRADAs. So I would say that it is flat right now. I am unsure if there is a reason to drive it up and down at this point.

James Seiber, U.S. Department of Agriculture: You gave a number of examples of cooperation with national laboratories. What are your experiences with other federal organizations, such as the Department of Agriculture, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the EPA? And maybe more importantly, how do such organizations make the first contact within your company?

Henry Kohlbrand: I am unaware of any interaction that Dow has had with the Department of Agriculture. That doesn't mean that there aren't any because Dow is a big company. In terms of the other organizations, we have worked extensively over the years with the Department of Transportation because we transport a lot of stuff. We have also worked with the Coast Guard and the Department of Commerce. We have a lot of interactions with NIST because NIST is a marvelous place to do some types of work, so that is a continuing effort. We have a person who goes out two or three times a month to foster some of these interactions. When working with the EPA, we have had both good and bad experiences, as you might well imagine, because there are a couple different parts to the EPA. But I had some good interactions with the technical side of EPA, when we were collaborating on incineration when I was working in that area about ten years ago. So Dow has a lot of activity going on with the agencies, and we have two people in Washington, D.C., to facilitate these activities.

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