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FIGURE 5. Amino acid alignment of P. falciparum (3D7 and OKS) and P. reichenowi Msp-2 alleles. Open boxes demarcate the conserved N and C termini. The inferred RHRs are shaded in black (RHR1), dark gray (RHR2), and light gray (RHR3). The nucleotide alignments for the inferred repeats of these regions are shown in Fig. 6 and Fig. 7.

FIGURE 6. Partial nucleotide alignments of three Msp-2 gene sequences to manifest the repeats and the homologies between P. falciparum 3D7 and P. reichenowi (RHR1, black shading) and between P. falciparum OKS and P. reichenowi (RHR2, dark shading). Sequences read left to right and down where homologous repeats are present. The open box at the 3′ end of RHR2 shows a region of high similarity among all three alleles. Bold letters indicate the first nucleotide of each codon. Differences between aligned sequences are highlighted by underline. The alignment of repeats follows the convention of Fenton et al. (1991), so that repeats within and between sequences are aligned to show their homology.

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