We will consider the circumferential distribution of the body force field in the further research. The propeller/wake interaction is one of the main concerns in our group [1], [2]. Thank you for the suggestion of the iteration between the propeller for these application cases. But only a first step was undertaken in this paper to capture the flow characteristics of the wake with guide vane propeller. Similarly, we need to consider the iterations for the further work.


1. Liandi Zhou and Feng Zhao, “An integrated method for computing the internal and external viscous flow field around the ducted propulsor behind an axisymmetric body,” 20th ONR Symp., 1994.

2. Liandi Zhou and Qiuxin Gao, “Numerical simulation of the interaction between the ship stern flow and multi-propeller,” Proc. of ICHD’98, 1996.

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