TABLE 7-6 Estimates of Ascorbic Acid Requirement



Body Weight

Daily AirDry Diet Consumption

Type of Diet

Ascorbic Acid Concentrations Studied


Estimated Requirement


Macaca mulatta

Not specified

2.0-4.0 kg

Not specified

Not specified

0.25-3.0 mg·d-1

Protection from scurvy

=2 mg·d-1

Day, 1944; calculated from data of Harden and Zilva, 1920; Greenberg et al., 1936; Langston et al., 1938; Fraser, 1942

Macaca mulatta

Not specified

Up to 4.3 kg

Not specified

Not specified

4 mg·d-1 for 2 months

Protected against scurvy; leukocyte and whole-blood ascorbic acid decreased


Solov’eve et al., 1966

Macaca mulatta

Not specified

10 kg deficient animal

Purified diet

Not specified

50, 100 and 250 mg·d-1

Clinical scurvy, weight, and plasma ascorbate

50 mg·d-1 cured clinical scurvy; 250 mg·d-1 required for normal plasma ascorbate

Bucci et al., 1975;

Baker et al., 1975

Macaca mulatta


3.5-8.0 kg

Not specified

Autoclaved natural diet, purified liquid diet

0, 5, and 10 mg·BWkg-1·d-1

Prevent blood ascorbic acid decrease

10 mg·BWkg-1 ·d-1; blood ascorbate decreased with 5 mg·BWkg-1·d-1, but this level prevented deficiency signs

Machlin et al., 1976

Macaca fascicularis

Young (2½-3 yr) and (at least 7 yr)

3.8-3.9 kg and 4.26.9 kg

Not specified

Liquid purified diet

0-6 mg·BWkg-1 ·d-1 of young, 0-3 mg·BWkg-1 ·d-1 of adult adult

Plasma and whole blood ascorbic acid

6 mg·BWkg-1·d-1 in young, 3 mg· BWkg-1·d-1 in adult

Tillotson and O’Connor, 1980

Macaca fascicularis

4-5 yr.

3.0 kg deficient animals

90-110 g

Purified diet

130 mg·kg-1 of diet followed by three daily injections of 50 mg of ascorbate

Periodontal health, weight loss, whole-blood ascorbate

130 mg·kg-1 of diet prevented deficiency signs; injections needed to reverse weight loss; whole-blood ascorbate remained low

Alvares et al., 1981

Cercopithecus aethiops

Not specified

1.5-6.8 kg

Not specified

Not specified, but diet included apples and bananas

10, 20, and 30 mg·d-1 plus 730 mg of ascorbic acid from fruit

Serum ascorbate

27-50 mg·d-1; includes ascorbic acid from fruit

DeKlerk et al., 1973

Callithrix jacchus

3-5 yr

400 g

16 g

Natural ingredient diet

250, 500, 2,000, and 4,000 mg·kg-1 of diet

Serum ascorbic acid above kidney threshold

500 mg·kg-1 of diet or 20 mg·BWkg-1·d-1 (2,000 mg·kg-1 diet produced near saturation of serum with ascorbate)

Flurer et al., 1987

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