FIGURE 3-1 Plant cell components in the analytic fractions of the sequential detergent system of Robertson and Van Soest (1981). Alternatively, acid-detergent residue may be oxidized first with KMnO4, leaving a cellulose, cutin, and insoluble-mineral residue, with lignin measured as weight loss. Subsequent hydrolysis of the cellulose, cutin, and insoluble-mineral residue with H2SO4 leaves a cutin and insoluble-mineral residue, with cellulose measured as weight loss. Ashing the cutin and insoluble-mineral residue at 550°C leaves an insoluble mineral residue, with cutin measured as weight loss.

*Acid-detergent lignin (or acid lignin) can be measured as weight loss after the lignin, cutin, and insoluble-mineral residue is ashed at 550°C and includes lignin + cutin.

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