TABLE B.2 Estimating the Size of the Total (Category 1 + Category 2) IT Workforce


Estimate of IT Workforce

Federal Agency/Analyst/Organization

Description of Groups Included in Estimate

Category 1

Categories 1 and 2

Capers Jones, Software

1998 software occupation groups



Productivity Research (1999)

1998 software occupations, including support occupations



U.S. Department of Commerce


Digital Workforce


1998 Current Population Survey (CPS): computer systems analysts and scientists, computer programmers (all)



Digital Economy

2000 (2000)

1998 Occupational Employment Survey (OES): Estimate of a “middle range” of all IT workers



Information Technology Association of America


Help Wanted


Estimate of number employed in “core” IT occupations: programmers, systems analysts, computer engineers/scientists



Bridging the

Gap (2000)

Estimate of Category 1 and Category 2 positions in private, for-profit firms based on NWCET skills standards



NRC staff analysis, 1998 Occupational Employment Survey

Category 1 occupations



Category 1 occupations plus computer support specialists and computer programmer aides




All Category 1 and Category 2 occupations based on Digital Economy 2000 (2000) (see Table B.6)



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