FIGURE 1–2 Amount of new funding awarded as Section 317 Direct Assistance (DA)a and Financial Assistance (FA),b 1990–1999. aDA funds include funds for vaccine purchase and operations. bFA funds include funds for state infrastructure programs. SOURCE: Information provided by CDC.

  • Federal funds are designed to be used within the states for specific purposes to target specific problems.

  • Federal funds are provided to supplement, not supplant, state investments in immunization programs.

Assessment, Assurance, and Policy Development in the National Immunization Strategy

When infectious disease was widespread during the first half of the 20th century, vaccine services generally consisted of community-based, stand-alone, self-contained efforts designed to achieve universal coverage in schools or other community settings within a relatively short period of time. Local health agencies often funded and publicized programs such as “Shots on Sunday” or “Back-to-School Shots.” As these programs expanded

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