FIGURE 3–4 Total Section 317 Direct Assistance awards, expenditures, and balances, 1990–1999. aEstimated. SOURCE: Information provided by CDC.

Today, the purchase of childhood vaccines is a major component of all state immunization programs. The relative contribution of VFC, Section 317, and state revenues to public vaccine purchase depends on the level of each state’s needs, as well as the particular constellation of immunization financing policies and service-delivery mechanisms (see Box 3–4). States are highly variable in the extent to which they use state revenues for vaccine purchase. Estimating the state-funded share of publicly purchased vaccines in each state from records of expenditures for all vaccines purchased under federal discounted price contracts yields the following results:

  • 24 states plus the District of Columbia provide less than 10 percent of publicly purchased vaccines in their jurisdiction,

  • 16 states contribute between 10 and 30 percent of publicly purchased vaccines, and

  • 10 states contribute 30 percent or more of all publicly purchased vaccines.

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