‘(B) animal systems, including aquaculture, cellular and molecular basis of animal reproduction, growth, disease, and health; identification of genes responsible for improved production traits and resistance to disease; improved nutritional performance of animals; and improved nutrient qualities of animal products, and uses, and the development of new and improved animal husbandry and production systems that take into account production efficiency and animal well-being, and animal systems applicable to aquaculture;

'(C) nutrition, food quality, and health, including microbial contaminants and pesticides residues related to human health; links between diet and health; bioavailability of nutrients; postharvest physiology and practices; and improved processing technologies;

‘(D) natural resources and the environment, including fundamental structures and functions of ecosystems; biological and physical bases of sustainable production systems; minimizing soil and water losses and sustaining surface water and ground water quality; global climate effects on agriculture; forestry; and biological diversity;

‘(E) engineering, products, and processes, including new uses and new products from traditional and non-traditional crops, animals, byproducts, and natural resources; robotics, energy efficiency, computing, and expert systems; new hazard and risk assessment and mitigation measures; and water quality and management; and

‘(F) markets, trade, and policy, including optional strategies for entering and being competitive in overseas markets; new decision tools for onfarm and inmarket systems; choices and applications of technology; technology assessment; and new approaches to rural economic development.

‘(3) TYPES OF GRANTS- In addition to making research grants under paragraph (1), the Secretary may conduct a program to improve research capabilities in the agricultural, food, and environmental sciences and award the following categories of competitive grants:

‘(A) Grants may be awarded to a single investigator or coinvestigators within the same discipline.

‘(B) Grants may be awarded to teams of researchers from different areas of agricultural research and scientific disciplines.

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