In very simple terms, the relationship between the supply and demand factors can be shown as:

Environment ↔ Internet ↔ Institutions ↔ Sector Impacts

In this simple relationship, the environment influences the supply and demand of Internet services; those services are used by individuals and institutions, which in turn affect sector development. As more details are considered, the components of the categories noted above and the number of interactions between the categories will increase and become increasingly more complex. For example, Internet suppliers deliver content, which in turn influences the organizations and institutions using the Internet. But impacts also affect the institutions, which look for different content and service supply and then change their use, which in turn infers or requires changes in the environment. Thus, the interactions go in both directions. One suggested model that begins to illustrate the complexity of the components and interactions is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Model of the impacts of the Internet.

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