• average delivery time of messages

  • average time to check an empty mailbox

  • mean connect speed of subscribers

  • call failure rates for ISPs (the percentage of calls that fail to connect to the Web)

  • number of members in an information industry association or ISP association

  • number of ISPs offering full Internet service

  • percentage of nonprofit ISPs

  • number and percentage of profitable ISPs

  • prices charged by ISPs for Internet access

  • total funds invested by ISPs in expansion

  • total ISP revenue

  • number of foreign- and domestic-owned ISPs

  • number of local technical staff

  • number of ISPs offering user training

  • number of institutions that monitor their own traffic, use, and number of hits on pages

  • average number of years of schooling of adult population

  • literacy rate

  • number of information technology courses offered in universities

  • average salary of Web designers and other ISP employees

  • percentage of ISPs offering Web hosting, Web design, and other services

  • ratio of national, regional, and international traffic to total traffic (both coming into and going out of the country)

  • number of home pages on domestic servers

  • ratio of national, regional, and international participation in listserves and news groups


  • total number of subscribers by category of user

  • average number of workstations per subscriber

  • average number of people with access per workstation

  • rate of change in the number of subscribers

  • turnover rate

  • total traffic (kilobytes per day)

  • total connect time per day

  • total number of e-mails per day

  • average subscriber connect time

  • average subscriber connections per day

  • number of subscribers using leased lines

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