The Mouse Genome

The Mouse Genome Database (MGD) contains information on mouse genetic markers, molecular segments, phenotypes, comparative mapping data, experimental mapping data, and graphical displays for genetic, physical, and cytogenetic maps. MGD is updated daily.

Mouse Knockout Mutants

The Knockout Mouse Database at this Web address presents information on the phenotypes rendered by the knockout of various molecules. Gene knockouts are classified according to the viability of the mice: (1) gene knockouts that are compatible with viability; (2) gene knockouts that result in prenatal mortality; (3) gene knockouts that result in postnatal mortality; and (4) gene knockouts that result in perinatal mortality.

Drosophila Genome

FlyBase is a comprehensive database of information on the genetics and molecular biology of Drosophila. It includes data from the Drosophila Genome Projects and data curated from the literature. FlyBase is a joint project with the Berkeley and European Drosophila Genome Projects.

Rat Genetics and Genes

The International Rat Genetic Committee (RGNC) is dedicated to developing an internationally accepted standard genetic nomenclature for rats and to bring this nomenclature to the attention of scientists working in the field of rat genetics. On its web site there is information on rat gene symbols, DNA symbols, chromosome nomenclature, and a brief summary of rat locus symbol nomenclature rules.

Chicken Genetics and Genes

This Web site is the home of Chickmap, a chicken gene mapping project, maintained by the Roslin Institute. It includes information on nomenclature for naming loci, alleles, linkage groups, and chromosomes to be used in poultry genome publications and databases.

Zebrafish Development

Home of Fish Net, a gateway to Zebrafish Research Databases, provided by the Institute of Nueroscience at the University of Oregon. Its links include

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