Systems Analysis Review

Mutasim Salman, General Motors

Fuel Cell Technical Team Review

JoAnn Milliken, U.S. Department of Energy

Vehicle Engineering/Materials/Manufacturing and Vehicle Safety

Bill Stuef (Ford), Andy Sherman (Ford), Henry Thompson (General Motors)

Hard Trade-offs between Emissions and Fuel Economy

Ron York, PNGV Director, General Motors

Role of Fuels Industry in PNGV

Jim Spearot, Director Chemical and Environmental Sciences Laboratory, General Motors

Fuels/Propulsion Engines/Emissions Control Research

Michael Royce, DaimlerChrysler

4SDI Technical Team Review

Scott Low, Ford

Electrical/Electronics Technical Team Review

Bob Malcolm (DaimlerChrysler), Jim Merritt (DOE), David Hamilton (DOE)

Balarama Murty (General Motors), Alex Gibson (Ford)

Battery Technical Team Review

Harold Haskins, Ford

Technology Transfer across the Vehicle Fleet

Steve Zimmer, PNGV Director, DaimlerChrysler

Strategies for Successful Migration to Production

Vince Fazio, PNGV Director, Ford

Summary of Highlights and Major Issues

Al Murray, PNGV Technical Manager, Ford

Chris Sloane, PNGV Technical Manager, General Motors

Owen Viergutz, PNGV Technical Manager, DaimlerChrysler

  1. Fuel Cell Subgroup and Battery Subgroup Meeting, USCAR Headquarters, Southfield, Michigan, January 12, 2000.

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