TABLE 8.1 Summary of Recommendations for ELB




Focus on experimentation.

Minimize development investment.

Learn how to accommodate outages.

Perform a security analysis.

Quantify capacity requirements.


Summary of Recommendations for ELB

A summary of recommendations for ELB is given in Table 8.1 .


ELB is an important set of activities that has been allowing the Marine Corps a first chance to experiment with information infrastructures for its new operational concepts. As such, it is invaluable. The knowledge gained from these “test drives” will be extremely important as these new concepts are refined. There are two dangers inherent in all such experiments, however—first, that the “test rigs” themselves will be mistaken for fully operational systems, and second, that little by little more funds will be committed to improving the test rigs rather than to learning about what is required for an actual operational network. The ELB network and its components are the test rigs. The committee strongly urges ONR Code 353 to remain focused on the main task at hand—to gain insights and to start to gather quantitative data. ELB is a perfect opportunity to study and learn as much as possible in preparation for design of the real systems to follow.

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