deliberations (see Chapter 6 of this report). Thus, individuals familiar with the taxonomy used by earlier NRC study committees should be aware that a new field designation has been developed for the area of research training formerly designated “dental science” research training.

With regard to the clinical sciences more broadly defined, the committee has concentrated its attention this year on the continuing need to recruit physician-scientists into the research career path. This critical group of scientific workers includes individuals holding medical doctorates and those with combined medical and research doctorates (see Chapter 5).

Because of the special market for nurses who pursue advanced preparation in research, this report includes a separate assessment of research training needs in nursing research (see Chapter 7). Nursing research personnel are generally defined as individuals holding both a degree in nursing and a Ph.D. Because of the wide variety of doctoral specialties pursued by these investigators, we have not specified degree or employment specialties of these researchers. Rather, we consider nursing research personnel to include individuals holding both a degree in nursing and a research doctorate in a wide variety of areas.

Finally, we have devoted a chapter in this report (Chapter 8) to a consideration of health services research personnel. Certain of the institutes of health provide research training in areas related to the improvement of health care delivery, such as drug abuse prevention studies. Our report concentrates, however, on the newly emerging market for research scientists stimulated by the establishment of the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR) in 1989. This agency now serves as the organizational locus within the federal government for studies of such health care reform issues as the reduction of health care costs, the quality of care for the aged, and the overall health status of Americans, drawing investigators from a wide variety of disciplines. Unfortunately, detailed information about the population of health services research personnel in the

BOX 1-2 Studies Regarding Biomedical and Behavioral Research Personnel (P.L. 93-348)

Sec. 473.

  1. The Secretary shall, in accordance with subsection (b), arrange for the conduct of a continuing study to—

    1. establish (A) the Nation's overall need for biomedical and behavioral research personnel, (B) the subject areas in which such personnel are needed and the number of such personnel needed in each such area, and (C) the kinds and extent of training which should be provided such personnel;

    2. assess (A) current training programs available for the training of biomedical and behavioral research personnel which are conducted under this Act at or through institutes under the National Institutes of Health and the Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Administration, and (B) other current training programs available for the training of such personnel;

    3. identify the kinds of research positions available to and held by individuals completing such programs;

    4. determine, to the extent feasible, whether the programs referred to in clause (B) or paragraph (2) would be adequate to meet the needs established under paragraph (1) if the programs referred to in clause (A) of paragraph (2) were terminated; and

    5. determine what modifications in the programs referred to in paragraph (2) are required to meet the needs established under paragraph (1).

    1. The Secretary shall request the National Academy of Sciences to conduct the study required by subsection (a) under an arrangement under which the actual expenses incurred by such Academy in conducting such study will be paid by the Secretary. If the National Academy of Sciences is willing to do so, the Secretary shall enter into such an arrangement with such Academy for the conduct of such study.

    2. If the National Academy of Sciences is unwilling to conduct such study under such an arrangement, then the Secretary shall enter into a similar arrangement with other appropriate nonprofit private groups or associations under which such groups or associations will conduct such study and prepare and submit the reports thereon as provided in subsection (c).

  1. A report on the results of such study shall be submitted by the Secretary to the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce of the House of Representative and the Committee on Labor and Public Welfare of the Senate not later than March 31 of each year...

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