TABLE 4.3 NOAA Data Centers

Data Center

Host Institution and Location



National Climatic Data Center, Asheville, NC

Climate of United States

Archive of weather data


National Geophysical Data Center, Boulder, CO

DMSP satellite archive


World Data Center-A for marine geology and geophysics


Solar-terrestrial physics

Solid Earth geophysics


National Ocean Data Center, Silver Spring, MD

Coastal oceanography

Ocean climate

Biological oceanography


National Snow and Ice Data Center,

University of Colorado

Snow and ice, cryosphere

World Data Center-A for glaciology


The committee recommends meeting the following data-systems requirements in addition to what is planned for operational data processing:

  • A long-term archiving system is needed that provides easy and affordable access for a large number of scientists in many different fields.

  • Data should be supported by metadata that carefully document sensor performance history and data processing algorithms.

  • The system should have the ability to reprocess large data sets as understanding of sensor performance, algorithms, and Earth science improves.

  • Science teams responsible for algorithm development, data set continuity, and calibration and validation should be selected via an open, peer-reviewed process (in contrast to the operational integrated data processing system and algorithms, which are being developed by sensor contractors for NPOESS).

  • The research community and government agencies should take the initiative and begin planning for a research-oriented NCDS and the associated science participation.


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