• The panel finds the work in CSTL to be highly relevant industrially. Metrics should include project-oriented interactions as well as workshops. Appropriate metrics will vary with the maturity of a particular program.

  • Facility inadequacies, which prevent some state-of-the-art measurement work, are being addressed as funding permits. However, continuous improvement of facilities is needed to ensure that current and future work can be accomplished. A plan for renovation and for meeting facilities needs during the building of the Advanced Measurement Laboratory is still necessary to address major problems, especially in Building 3 in Boulder. The new space in ACSL is an excellent tool that has improved productivity.

  • The panel is pleased to see that CSTL leadership continues to improve administration and management of the NTRM Program and urges that these efforts continue.

  • Progress in CSTL's utilization of the Internet since last year is applauded. The NIST Web presence, however, needs an overall design and strategy with a customer focus. This is a major method of customer interaction and requires high-level attention.

  • The panel notes that the biotechnology industry is working on a time line different from that of other industries serviced by CSTL. The panel recommends that NIST develop a cohesive strategy in biotechnology that addresses the rapid pace of change in this important industry.

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