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FIGURE 1 Organizational chart of animal centers in Japanese universities. Adapted from Mannen, K. 1998. Definition of microbiologic status of rats and mice: The need for methods of defining flora: International standards for terminology. In: Microbial and Phenotypic Definition of Rats and Mice: Proceedings of the 1998 US/Japan Conference. Washington DC: National Academy Press. p. 24–27.

dedicated to the difficult task of formulating guidelines on the delivery and acceptance of laboratory rats and mice in national universities in an effort to establish uniformity in microbiologic monitoring/inspection items.

The results of inspecting mice facilities at the Central Institute of Experimental Animals of Japan for parasites over 3 years are shown in Table 1. Parasites were detected in 125 of 444 facilities. Some of the parasites are nonpatho-

TABLE 1 Parasitologic Monitoring in Mice Experimental Facilities (1996-1998)


Number of Positive Facilities (%)

Octomitus pulcher

41 (9.2)

Chilomastix spp.

18 (4.1)

Tritrichomonas spp.

18 (4.1)

Syphacia obvelata

14 (3.2)

Entamoeba muris

10 (2.3)

Pneumocystis carinii

9 (2.0)

Aspiculuris tetaptera

7 (1.6)

Spironucleus muris

3 (0.7)

Unknown protozoa spp.

5 (1.1)

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