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TABLE 2 Detection of Helicobacter Species 16S rRNA in Laboratory Mice Using Polymerase Chain Reaction


No. Positive /

No. Tested in Samples

No. Positive /

No. Tested in Facilities

H. hepaticus

20 / 149


1 / 17


H. muridarum

0 / 149


0 / 17


H. bilis

0 / 149


0 / 17


H. rodentium

35 / 149


6 / 17


“F. rappini”

0 / 149


0 / 17



26 / 149


3 / 17



79 / 149


10 / 17


Because gerbils can be infected with H. pylori (Hirayama and others 1996), they are widely used for H. pylori infection studies. These results indicate the necessity of checking H. hepaticus contamination in gerbils. H. hepaticus and H. rodentium were the most common Helicobacter species in mice in Japan, and H. muridarum, H. bilis, and “F. rappini” were not detected.


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