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Dr. Stuart Pimm earned his Ph.D. in biology from New Mexico State University in 1974. Dr. Pimm is currently a professor at the Center for Environmental Research and Conservation at Columbia University. His research interests include determination of the extinction rates of birds and other animals, conservation biology, ecology, and evolutionary biology. Dr. Pimm also is working on improving the management of the Everglades National Park to preserve threatened species and the ecosystems on which they depend. In 1993, he was awarded a Pew Scholarship in Conservation and the Environment.

Dr. Callum Roberts earned his Ph.D. in biology from the University of York, United Kingdom, in 1986, where he is currently a professor. His research interests include marine conservation biology, behavior and ecology of fish on Red Sea coral reefs, management and conservation of coral reefs, origin and maintenance of biodiversity in reefs, and effects of fishing and recreational tourism on ecosystems. Currently he is working to develop design principles for effective international networks of marine protected areas. He is a member of the U.K. Steering Group on Marine Reserves.

Dr. Sharon Smith earned her Ph.D. in zoology from Duke University in 1975. Dr. Smith is currently a professor of marine biology and fisheries at the University of Miami, Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. Her research interests include ecology of zooplankton, nutrient cycling, upwelling ecosystems, high latitude ecosystems, and population dynamics. She is a member of numerous advisory and steering committees, including service as the chair of the Advisory Subcommittee of the Ocean Sciences Division and as a member of the Committee on Global Ecosystem Dynamics, National Science Foundation (NSF). In addition, she is a former member of the Ocean Studies Board.

Dr. George Somero earned his Ph.D. in biological sciences from Stanford University in 1967. Dr. Somero is currently the David and Lucile Packard Professor of Marine Science at Stanford University. He studies the adaptations of organisms to marine environments, including biochemical and physiological adaptation, within the context of the biogeography and evolution of marine species. Dr. Somero is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Dr. Richard Stoffle earned his Ph.D. in anthropology from the University of Kentucky in 1972. He is currently a senior research anthropologist at the University of Arizona. His research interests include cultural anthropology, social impact assessment, developmental anthropology, Native Americans, and the ethnography of fisheries. He has conducted a variety of studies in the Caribbean islands of Antigua and the Dominican Republic on the environmental effects of fishing behavior and conservation values of small-scale coastal fishermen. He

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