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NCHRP Report 688: Determining Highway Maintenance Costs (2011)

NCHRP Report 691: Mix Design Practices for Warm-Mix Asphalt (2011)

ACRP Report 45: Optimizing the Use of Aircraft Deicing and Anti-Icing Fluids (2011)

ACRP Synthesis 22: Common Airport Pavement Maintenance Practices (2011)

NCHRP Report 680: Manual for Emulsion-Based Chip Seals for Pavement Preservation (2011)

SHRP 2 Report S2-R26-RR-2: Guidelines for the Preservation of High-Traffic-Volume Roadways (2011)

NCHRP Research Results Digest 351: Precision Statements for AASHTO Standard Methods of Test T 148, T 265, T 267, AND T 283 (2011)

NCHRP Report 668: Framework for a National Database System for Maintenance Actions on Highway Bridges (2011)

NCHRP Synthesis 411: Microsurfacing (2010)

ACRP Report 39: Recommended Guidelines for the Collection and Use of Geospatially Referenced Data for Airfield Pavement Management (2010)