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TCRP Synthesis 75: Uses of Higher Capacity Buses in Transit Service (2008)

TCRP Synthesis 72: Use of Biodiesel in a Transit Fleet (2007)

TCRP Report 114: Center Truck Performance on Low-Floor Light Rail Vehicles (2006)

NCHRP Synthesis 359: Bridge Rating Practices and Policies for Overweight Vehicles (2006)

CTBSSP Synthesis 10: Alternative Truck and Bus Inspection Strategies (2006)

TCRP Report 109: A Guidebook for Developing and Sharing Transit Bus Maintenance Practices (2006)

CTBSSP Synthesis 6: Operational Differences and Similarities Among the Motorcoach, School Bus, and Trucking Industries (2005)

Caffeine for the Sustainment of Mental Task Performance: Formulations for Military Operations (2001)

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Advanced Vehicle and Highway Technologies: Special Report 232 (1991)

Should Intercity Bus Drivers Be Allowed To Use CB Radios?: Special Report 205 (1984)

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