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Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals: Eighth Edition (2011)

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Sustaining Global Surveillance and Response to Emerging Zoonotic Diseases (2009)

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Scientific and Humane Issues in the Use of Random Source Dogs and Cats in Research (2009)

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Safety of Dietary Supplements for Horses, Dogs, and Cats (2008)

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Achieving Sustainable Global Capacity for Surveillance and Response to Emerging Diseases of Zoonotic Origin: Workshop Summary (2008)

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Changes in the Sheep Industry in the United States: Making the Transition from Tradition (2008)

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Status of Pollinators in North America (2007)

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Nutrient Requirements of Horses: Sixth Revised Edition (2007)

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Nutrient Requirements of Small Ruminants: Sheep, Goats, Cervids, and New World Camelids (2007)

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Guidelines for the Humane Transportation of Research Animals (2006)

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